Quests/NPC Customization

Eye of Hellion Reward change to Theme Rings.
Bio Lab Entrance Quest Reward Gym Pass Box added.
Continental Guard Quest Reward Guard's First Proof added.
Rachel Sanctuary Quest Reward Guard's Second Proof added.
Veins Siblings Quest Reward Guard's Third Proof added.

Armor Enchant NPC Apprentice Craftsman
Gives 10times more stats than usual

Card Changes

Golden Thief Bug
Nullify 80% of all magic spells, including supportive skills, that target the owner at the cost of doubling SP Consumption cost when using skills.


All %heal Items restricted in PvP and WoE
In addition Royal Jelly, Green Potion, Panacea also restricted in Castle Maps

Item Changes

[Condensed White Potion]
Heals randomly between 2000-4000HP
A potion produced by an Alchemist in the Fame Top 10 bonus effect increased
[Speed Potion]
Buff Duration increased to 8 Seconds

[Elemental Sword]
Cast level 2 bolts instead of lvl 3.

[Novice Figure]
Max. HP + 3%, extra effect of Max. HP + 120% when equipped by a Novices.
[Swordman Figure]
VIT + 12, extra effect of DEF/MDEF +12 and 12% chance to reflect single target Magicattack and reflect 18% of all Physical Melee Damage back at the caster when equipped by Swordman classes.
[Merchant Figure]
STR + 12, extra effect of reducing damage from attacks of all elements by 8%. when equipped by Merchant classes.
[Thief Figure]
AGI + 12, extra effect ATK/MATK +12% when equipped by Thief classes or Star Gladiator.
[Mage Figure]
INT + 12, an extra effect of gaining skillusage of Level 4 Amplify Magic Power and Level 3 Double Casting when equipped by Mage classes or Soul Linker/Ninja.
[Acolyte Figure]
INT + 12, extra effect of Increases effectiveness of Healing skills by 28% and inflicts 80% more damage with Holy Light when equipped by Acolyte classes.
[Archer Figure]
DEX + 12, extra effect of ATK + 1200 when equipped by Archer classes or Gunslinger.

[Box of Thunder]
Duration and SpeedBuff Increased
[Box of Gloom]
Cast Level 4 Attention Concentrate.
[Box of Resentment]
ATK gain, duration increased
[Box of Drowsiness]
MATK gain, duration increased
[Box of Sunlight]
effect duration increased

Skill Changes
[Tarot Card of Fate]
added fixed cooldown of 0.8 seconds
[Full Chemical Protection]
Duration reduced to 25%
[Soul Burn]
reduced damage by 50%
[Acid Demonstration]
reduced damage by 8%
[Shield Charge]
increased damage by 15%
[Shield Boomerang]
increased damage by 14%
[Shield Chain]
increased damage by 18%
reduced damage by 20%
[Pierce ]
increased damage by 15%
[Brandish Spear]
increased damage by 13%
[Spear Stab]
increased damage by 13%
[Spear Boomerang]
increased damage by 12%
[Spiral Pierce]
increased damage by 13%
[Joint Beat]
increased damage by 18%
[Falcon Assault]
increased damage by 150%
[Throw Shuriken]
increased damage by 200%
[Throw Kunai]
increased damage by 100%
[Throw Zeny]
increased damage by 400%
increased damage by 100%

increased damage by 200%
[Back Stab]
increased damage by 400%