Rates: 8000x/8000x/400x
Max Level: 500/120
Max Stat: 999
Max ASPD: 196
Instant Cast: 180 Dex
Main Town: Crystilia (@go 0)
Episode: 12
Third Jobs Implemented: No
Custom Gears: Yes
Normal Card Drop 8%
Mini Boss Card Drop 4%
MvP Card Drop

Status ailments Resistent through Stats reduced by 75%
PD gain by LUK reduced

Basic NPCs

Warper Card Remover Emperium Test Room
Reset NPC PvP & WoE Warper Refiner
Job  Changer Stylist Slot Enchanter Stalker Skill Provider
Universal Rental Build Manager Buffer Repairer


Respawn Changes

Most MvP's having 20 Minute Spawntime, Mini Boss and Normal Monster are having half of their origin Respawntime.

Thanatos:                       2h Respawntime in The top of The Thanatos Tower accessible via tha_t12
Nidhoggr's Shadow:       2h Respawntime in Nidhoggur's Nest Lv 2 accessible via nyd_dun02
Satan Morroc:                 2h Respawntime in Dimensional Gorge accessible via Warper
Ktullanux:                       2h Respawntime in Ice Cave F3 accessible via Warper
Lord of the Dead:          
Regular Spawn
Bio Lab 3/4 MvP:               Regular Spawn 

Customized RefineSystem

Equipment Safety Level

All Unsafe
Refinerate til Level 10

Weapon Refine
Refinerate til
Level 10

All Unsafe
Enriched Refinerate til Level 10



Level ea

Weapon Lv. 1 +7 50% 60% 80% 20, 0~18
Weapon Lv. 2 +6 50% 60% 80% 33, 0~30
Weapon Lv. 3 +5 50% 60% 80% 53, 0~48
Weapon Lv. 4 +4 50% 60% 80% 85, 0~78
Any Armor +4 50% 60% 80%  


Power Crystal System

Power Crystal Enchantsment
NPC located in Geffen named as Mahou Enchanter, Enchant Remover, Power Enchanter

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